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How to solve a simple problem in an effective way?

20 February 2015

You are sitting at your desk, you are working hard and a colleague suddenly shows up with a problem related to a computer application … You have the solution!

How can we effectively tackle a simple problem? How can we encompass the whole problem?

You have various possibilities: the first one consists in saying that you don’t have time; the second one is to solve the problem while remaining at your desk. Another solution consists in asking your colleague to explain you his/her problem but sitting in front of his/her workstation. Within the Lean approach, we call that the Genshi Genbutsu, which means “looking for the problems where they occur to make the good decisions, to obtain a global agreement and to reach the objectives”, also expressed by “go and see”. It’s thus by going to your colleague’s desk that you will embrace the whole problematic and that you will be able to answer it completely. However, resist the temptation to grab the mouse: explain him/her how to proceed because we learn most when doing things by ourselves.

Those daily reflexes develop the “Lean mindset” within your company. And as Nicolas Gaultier reminds in an article published by Usine Nouvelle: “The major companies regret not having implemented earlier the Lean approach” because “it is clearly where the Lean mindset is the most developed that the projects are the most perennial”.

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